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More Features


We are well-versed in accessibility standards such as Section 508, and the WCAG standards. We'll make your website viewable by anyone including people with disabilities. This site is fully compliant with standards such as 508, and is level 3/AAA certified for the WCAG 1.0 and 2.0.

Automatic Image Manipulation

Sometimes, a website requires images that are specific sizes and formats. We can design it so that your images are automatically processed so you don't have to do any manual image editing on your own. Now, you'll be able to edit your site without needing any special tools or expertise.

Automatic Migration

Do you have an existing website with lots of content that is too large to move to a new site manually? We have custom solutions for many websites that solve these issues. We'll take your old site, no matter how it is set up now, and automatically move it into the highly usable Umbraco CMS. Even if you are going through a redesign, we can move the content straight into the new design.


Even though we can add cutting edge features to the site, we also make sure that the sites we develop are usable by people running older technology. When we deliver sites, we test on all major browsers and versions to make sure your site can be viewed by anyone, whether they are using an old computer, a mobile phone or a text-only browser.


Give your users detailed maps that give them a clear idea of what's where with an intuitive interface. DCMS offers a variety of mapping solutions that make it easy for someone of any skill level to edit maps. We've made store locators, custom map styles, world maps and project maps with detailed popup tooltips in the past. No matter what type of map you are looking for, we can make it easy for you to add it to your website.

Mobile Websites

We have developed numerous mobile websites for our clients. We'll ensure that people with fancy phones, cheap basic phones and tablets can interact with your site easily. The mobile Internet is quickly growing and we can get your website on board.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When we develop a website, we design it with search engines in mind. We'll make it easy for Google, Yahoo and Bing to crawl your site and help you use the tools provided by the search engines so you will get more traffic and more engagement on your site.

Social Networking

Integrate your websites with the constantly changing social trends with the latest social networks. We'll make it easy for your users to post links to your site on social networks and help get you started with accounts on the major social networking sites to interact with your users. We support Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

User Migration

Do you already have users that you want to keep? We will integrate your current user base into Umbraco where you can manage users and manage authentication with a single click. You can make parts of your site members only, tie in an eCommerce solution and manage an email list, all straight from one administrative tool. We've worked with existing databases, 3rd-party web services and users saved in an Excel file, so we can import any user system into Umbraco!

Website Searching

Searching is normally a difficult feature to add, but with DCMS it is clicks away. No matter if you want a simple search or an advanced, powerful search, we have you covered. We'll make it so that your users can easily find anything they want on your site using the industry standard Lucene search engine.

Web Standards

We are well-versed in web standards and can make your site valid to run across a broad spectrum of browsers.  We also can use the latest technologies to bring advanced, cutting-edge features to your site. For instance, this site is valid HTML5, a standard that is currently being developed to bring advanced features to web browsers.